AR* Blind Love Becka Jensen

Since Becka was born we said: she will rest in the cattery. She reminds me a lot all the Utblickens blood lines which came from her father lines (Bebé). She is powerfull, fearless, brave and dominant, all a warrior. Both Becka and Carl, together with their brother Gustav, were my 29th birthday gift, so that´s why they are so special for me. I spent all my birthday night helping Roddy in the delivery.

His name means Rebeca, like my dear sister, and Jensen is because this litter was our first litter between our two Felis Jubatus cats, so Jensen is for Jens, Madsen is for Jette and Krombor is for the fantastic castle I have the chance to visit when I was in Denmark the first time.

Becka is developing in a fantastic show cat. I hope she could bring us lot of satisfactions.

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